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Health Problems, Medicines, Surgeries, Vaccinations, Allergies

Update your health information instantly, right on your iPhone. Omni Health Timeline is an electronic health record that lets you save, search, and share your information, so you'll always be on top of your health. Write down health updates as they happen or scan health info with the iPhone camera. Your information is stored securely and is never shared. Designed by a physician, Omni Timeline is flexible enough to work for any patient: young, old, healthy, or sick. Get it now on the App Store, or read on to learn more. There’s no charge to store, search, and scan your data. If you’re using the follower feature, pay $0.99 per month for up to 99 followers per patient.

Introducing Followers

A new way to communicate

You might feel powerless when someone you love is ill, but you can help. Follow their health timeline, and be notified as soon as changes happen. If you and your siblings share responsibility for your elderly mother, create a timeline for her and invite your siblings as followers. When one of you accompanies her to the doctor, you can instantly update the rest

Picture perfect

Who needs a scanner?

Smartphone cameras capture text and images with amazing quality. Instead of making photocopies in the doctor's office and bringing them home to scan, just use your iPhone. Quickly save electronic copies of physician notes, lab results, EKGs, prescriptions, and even medical bills and receipts. Lose the mess of paper and go digital.


A timeline for every family member.

You never know when you'll need that X-ray, or the name of the antibiotic you took years ago for strep throat. Unlike other health apps, your information is all in one place; Omni Timeline is a single list of entries you and your followers have written. It’s simpler than email, which makes it easy to search.



A story

Our bodies are constantly changing.

Most electronic health records provide a snapshot of your current health, often at the expense of what has happened in the past. You and your doctor can better understand your health by seeing how events are unfolding over time.

Secure and private

It's your data, and no one else's.

Omni Health Timeline stores your information securely in the cloud, so even if you lose your iPhone, your health information is secure. Omni Timeline doesn't have access to your data, and neither does anyone else. Encrypted transmission keeps data safe from online intruders. An app passcode (optional) keeps it safe even if someone else gets your iPhone.

Easy to share

Beam your timeline to clinicians and loved ones.

A simple answer to a complex problem: sharing. Create a password protected version of your timeline that you and people you trust can view online for a short time before the share expires. It's a great way to share your health information securely. Password is auto-generated. Choose 1,4,24, or 72 hr expiration. Private medbits are never shared.


Young children


You value your child's health more than anything. Track milestones, illnesses, medicines, vaccinations, and more. Easily print records for schools and health forms.


(Moms and Dads)

Creating a new person is a stressful job, and there's a lot to keep track of. Stay on top of it with Omni Timeline.

Elderly parents

(And their adult children)

Keep up with multiple doctors and appointments. Scan consultation notes so you'll never lose them. If illness arrives, you'll be prepared.

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